Tuesday, June 1, 2010

best hair loss product

Around the world, people young and old, men and women experience hair loss. If you find you are faced with millions of hair fully absorbed, do not despair. First, you are not alone. Everything else, there are steps you can take to stop, and may reverse the process of thinning hair. To move forward, we will tell you the best treatment of hair loss.

If you suddenly find that your hair to a loss, this may be a temporary situation. Temporary hair loss occurs, such as pressure, disease, malnutrition external stimuli, and other harsh hair care products.

If you start using a new shampoo or styling product, find your hair loss, you may be able to stop, if stop using.

Other types of hair loss is permanent. You and your hormones play a major role in cultural relics in permanent hair loss. Chances are, if your mother or father because of hair loss, you will eventually start losing their hair. Unfortunately, you can not change your genes, but some things you can do to stop the symptoms of that, they lose hair when you brush or wash a large clumps.

Since so many people are susceptible to this case, the treatment of hair loss can be from ancient times until today. Although most of the older treatment dependence on oil and herb grinding, modern medicine has led to a variety of therapeutic hair loss, minoxidil is known to the most common. This is the only drug, is clinically proven to stop, and sometimes even reverse the impact of hair loss. It can be closed so that it will re-open and stimulate the hair follicle.

Men's principle hormone, testosterone, to create a chemical called DHT. DHT is a lot of things in the human body, including hair follicle atrophy. Once the follicles are too small, not the new method of hair on the skin surface. This is the main reason for hair loss.

Another drug, which combines azeliac acid minoxidil is Provillus. It works the same way with Rogaine, but azeliac acid appears to help repair the larger follicles. Provillus, was designated as the theme of the pills.

After many months of daily programs, you should see the results, if you use Rogaine and Provillus. However, Provillus add ingredients azelaic acid, was found to stimulate hair follicles, leading to larger, more heavy hair growth. If you decide to stop hair loss with minoxidil, you know you are entering into a long-term commitment. However, as long as you continue to use minoxidil to stop hair loss, you should see the results, which will lead to a more healthy, full head of hair. Do not give up hope!

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