Wednesday, June 9, 2010

easy solutions for hair loss

Men and women may experience hair loss at any age. Indicators after the bald, it would be a good reason for alarm. Male hair loss is common, especially if they are ordinary 40 For women, it is not common, but not rare. However, when this problem, the patient can not help but find the right solution, so it will not go all the way to total baldness. There are many ways to treat hair loss. The most common solution is:

* Proper nutrition and lifestyle. Hair loss may be unhealthy lifestyle led to the body's nutritional deficiencies, illness and disease. When it is learned that the main reason for hair loss, doctors usually recommend a complete lack of nutritional supplement. Healthy diet is necessary. In addition, from weak to health, lifestyle changes should be.

* Proper use of hair care products. If there is hair loss, hair expert may recommend hair shampoo or certain types of products. Our goal is to create a stronger healthier hair. You may need to know what is appropriate for your hair, a man who will not further damage the hair shampoo.

* Prescription drugs. Hair loss can be resolved with medication. So far, the U.S. FDA approved hair loss drug minoxidil and finasteride. Both drugs promise to stop hair regeneration hormones, leading to hair loss. Typically, these are only suitable for men.

* Hair replacement surgery. When the field has been bald head, the doctor may recommend surgical hair replacement. Should always be kept for the donor hair will be transplanted to bald areas. With hair replacement surgery, you will get a permanent hair full head.

Doctors and hair experts may make one or a combination of solutions. Hair loss in a case with specific solutions, while others do not May. Is best in your hair experts around to help you to get back her hair through the process.

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  1. Strip Incision
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