Monday, June 7, 2010

Your Press The Rewind Button On Hair Loss

Men, women and children of all ages can easily alopecia. This is not a rare disease, and in some cases, hair will grow back. However, hair loss, hair loss scientific name is certainly more prominent in old age middleman. This is usually due to genetic factors and hormonal imbalance. Lead to hair loss and other variables are:

Fungal infection
Cancer Treatment
Serious illness
Major surgery
Damage to hair products

Male baldness hair loss is the most common type of male. This occurred in a 5-α reductase enzyme called male hormone testosterone effect, to create a male hormone DHT, or too much DHT. DHT can cause hair follicles shrink to create thin and refined. Finally, the hair follicles can not grow any hair. Depends on the degree of genetic hair loss, and hair follicles of the sensitivity of the devastating effects of DHT.

Male hair loss, or more commonly called male baldness can be completely or partially. The so-called "comprehensive" refers to total hair loss, back to the line relates to the characteristics and detailed crown. This can be further progress, leading to hair crescent-shaped ring around the bottom of the head wraps. Women's hair loss is known as female bald. This type of hair loss, thinning hair generally characterized the entire scalp, rather than specific areas.

In the past, the treatment of those who can not get from the hair losses. you can read it in hair loss treatment solutions. Now, thanks to modern science, there is a way to reverse the curse sparse hair. Propecia is a man once a day pill is the only available prescription. Rogaine is a man and a woman who is also applicable to-day partial solution. These drugs have been scientifically proven by the FDA and the regeneration of hair. Remember, however, you must stop using lead to increased hair loss. For those who want more permanent results, hair restoration surgery may be great, but expensive choice.

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