Thursday, June 3, 2010

First step in preventing hair loss : clean healthy scalp

'Sebum' is from the skin's sebaceous glands secrete oil. It has a greasy look and feel, and often light-emitting light. You may have noticed hairline back of the man often has a shiny scalp.

If you have thick hair with a person looks healthy hair, you may see their heads is not optimistic. This may lead to your conclusion that excess sebum is not conducive to your skin and hair.

Does not seem to be unhealthy connection between the skin and hair, and excess sebum. Sebum often causes most of the teenagers and young adults acne. The results show that the reduced levels of sebum in the skin and reduce acne. But there is a relationship between sebum and hair loss?

Sebum and hair loss

Indeed, the young who lose their hair often shiny scalp. This glow is considered a long established by the pores in the scalp to prevent hair growth where the blockage caused by sebum. This gorgeous jacket, often can not wash. In this case, the sebum has become completely integrated into the scalp.

In the past few years, combined with the natural sebum of air pollutants and cosmetics was born in May products, such as gel. Unfortunately, very difficult to wash my head when his head is covered, it is only when a person becomes thin hair, a serious impact on drawing notice shiny layer of sebum.

What you can do embedded sebum?

This is an important first step to combat against hair loss to make sure my scalp is clean and healthy. This means, should be clean and clear pores, so that new hair out of the scalp, of course.

However, the sebum is fat, it is difficult to wash. But also because it can be embedded scalp becomes very difficult to clean. Instead, you have to melt the sebum layer, and then washed. This is a simple procedure, can safely work at home.

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