Wednesday, May 26, 2010

alopecia areata hair loss :reason and who it affects

Alopecia areata is a special condition that affects humans. Conditions lead to hair loss is from body parts or body of the couple. However, hair loss usually associated with the scalp, and therefore, many bare spots appear on the scalp itself. Balance is to expand the stage, at an early stage, it is called spot baldness. In about 1-2% of cases, found that it is extended to the entire skin or scalp.

According to different studies, the immune system abnormality is a cause for alopecia areata. This is the result of autoimmune abnormalities, resulting in immune system, in specific organizations. In this particular case, your own immune system attacks and normal hair formation and hair follicles in your body responsible for interference. However, the immune system of the practice is still unknown. , And damaged skin biopsy showed that the hair follicle following the presence of immune cells, rather than under normal circumstances. Similarly, the existence of reasons for this abnormal is not clear. From these reasons, there are other autonomous conditions, including thyroid disease, allergic disease, vitiligo, ulcerative colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, but with this hair loss related to the state. Some studies have shown that in this unusual situation caused by the role of genetic and gene.

Who is affected?

Alopecia in men and women. However, for humans, this type of hair loss is different from the normal pattern of male baldness, which is hereditary. Typically it affects children, adolescents and youth. However, it can also affect children and the elderly. It is not contagious, and not with other conditions, such as estrogen and progesterone treatment and the pregnancy loss, disruption caused by the hair and so on, confused.

Different models

A common mode and conditions of the scalp of one or more occurrence of bald spots. If you are suffering from this condition, you will find in the scalp hair loss order. This is a more general nature, is called diffuse hair loss filling. Sometimes you can lose all the hair from the scalp. This situation is known as alopecia. There is another condition called alopecia universal, which is hair loss resulting from the entire body. However, this is not the most common situation is that very little experience. Another unusual condition leads to hair loss is alopecia areata thorn. Particularly those that affect a man's beard status.

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