Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Hair loss solution : how to accelerate your hair grow?

People of all ages often asked question, "How can the growth of my hair?" May be required regardless of advertising, there is no tool to make your hair grow faster. Oh, yes, some people who, if you eat yeast extract spread pot daily vow your hair will grow faster, because it contains vitamin B, essential for hair growth. However, hair experts say, the average hair in half the speed of growth, "each month. Sometimes, it can not be longer, since the end of Split. It's not just hair static in a particular length, but sometimes less. While there is nothing you can do to speed up hair growth, you can take some steps so that your hair strong.

Here are the reasons: long hair, its purpose is to old. That's because every day wear and tear, sun, wind, blow drying, and other approaches to modeling the sharp light, your hair is reduced, and eventually find a bifurcation will lead to hair loss.

So, how to prevent it? First of all, to take care of the hair dryer type. Furthermore, there are hair trimmed regularly. Improve hair growth, if you want, and quickly, every regulated by 10-12 weeks. If you do, you will not have any split end of the growing period.

Practice a healthy lifestyle - exercise regularly have a scalp massage. Massage helps the food, the faster to reach your hair follicles. Even when you wash your hair, massage the scalp with your fingertips, the first in the neck and around the tiny mobile neck began.

These are known to work in practical skills. May you find that their work in large or small measure. What will happen, I do not believe that people have different ages, because I believe the myth:

Your hair is best when the moon is in Cancer, Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Pisces.

If you cut your hair before the full moon, the faster will grow.

Do not believe them, there is no truth in them. There was no magic pill or wand that can make a long and beautiful hair. As long as diet and exercise, and massage the scalp for several months, and to keep. That means no color, heat, or fry your hair blow, although it would be a good idea, provided that common. View the changes in the hair.

Also, look for cracks and rough edges in your comb or brush. If you see them, file, or put a comb or brush. Compounds are known to cause division and ruin your hair in infinite ways.

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