Friday, May 28, 2010

Hair Loss – The Causes

Male and female hair loss is a common problem today. There may be different reasons behind the facts concerning hair loss, such as physical, mental, environmental etc. The busy life style of today has brought a number of reasons for the loss of hair. On micro-pollutants giving adversely effect with the use of hair care products, including chemicals and drug, is the main reason for hair damage. The dirt, sebum, sweat, and residues of hair care products gets clogged in your scalp and cause many hair problems such as broken paving, dry hair, split ends, thinning hair, etc.

Unhealthy eating habits, is also a major factor in hair loss. Dietary fat intake of high levels of sebum secretion caused extensive scalp hair loss also caused an increased risk. Excessive secretion of sebum in the hair follicles to create hardening of the group, like scalp, hair follicles can prevent the absorption of nutrients, leading to the fall of materials high tar.

Another major factor is the hair loss related to the behavior of the so-called natural hormone dihydro-testosterone. DHT hormone responsible for hair follicle is closed, so the hair dry, easy to fall off. Which affects the body's immune system, and should be eliminated. Due to lack of nutrient absorption, hair follicles do not receive the healthy growth of the required adequate nutrition. On the sebum to plug in the hair follicle will also lead to hair thinning and fragile. Bacteria and hair, or sweat has accumulated since the formation of environmental pollution and other microbial attack may also lead to hair loss extensively.

Natural herbal hair loss products have many types, claimed today to re-grow hair in the affected areas. Use hair care products containing the chemical composition, may further increase the chance of the hair issue. Therefore, choose the best herbal treatment that can prevent hair loss, moisture will not cause any serious side effects, your hair the necessary nutrients. Nisim herbal hair loss program is best suited to you. Nisim has launched Nisim scalp cleansing shampoo, air conditioning, stimulate hair care products, a considerable number of extracts, claim to bring out the results after 7 days.

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