Thursday, May 27, 2010

Natural Hair Loss Remedies Found in Apple

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In Japanese clinical trials, natural spoj polyphenols from apples are proven to promote male bald man with a new hair growth.

In the first double-blind clinical study, 29 balding men were treated apple polyphenol solution. After 6 months, the researchers reported that both vellus and terminal hair growth "significantly higher than the" placebo control group.

(Vellus hair, short hair, only 2 cm long. Follicles produce them never produce any other type of hair. Terminal hair on his head grow long hair.)

Increase in the number of terminal hair

The following study was conducted in 21 different stages of hereditary hair loss man. 12 months after local treatment, researchers report that "71% of the group showed an increase in the amount of hair." He also noted that "more and more obvious the number of non-vellus hair trend."

"Potential treatment" of male hair loss

After 12 months of study, the researchers concluded: "proanthocyanidins as a potential treatment for male balding terapija commitment."

In the third study, 29 balding men report that 4 months, 78.9% of the average diameter of human hair increased. Increase the proportion of the thickness of hair "was significantly higher than the" placebo control, and increase the total number of hair is "significantly higher than that."

Minoxidil is better than 200%

Now 7 different published studies confirm the profound hair growth-promoting effects apple procyanidins. Hair cells in the human trial, apple chemicals proved twice as minoxidil, the effective promotion of hair growth. Apple extracts significantly better than low-potent grape and grape seed extract.

Activate hair follicle growth of procyanidins

The richest of procyanidins B - 2 origin, is immature (baby skin) green apple. From apple polyphenols have a health startling array may be the perfect natural antioxidants. Apple procyanidins participate pills, many people see the speed of hair growth, stronger nails, softer, smoother skin.

In every study, apple procyanidins have proven completely safe for humans and animals. There are not toxic, no stimulation, no side effects. This natural remedy hair loss may be the person who's hair from thinning the millions of victims of natural best choice, falling hair, male baldness.


  1. Thanks for the unique information that Apple can be helpful to prevent hair loss and regrowth of new hairs in human scalp. Is it only a Potential treatment for male hair loss and what about hair loss diseases of general mass? This blog post is highly informative.

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