Wednesday, May 26, 2010

female hair loss - product

If you are a woman suffering from hair loss, then you know very well that a sense of insecurity, depression and anxiety, you can use it together. No doubt, you are seriously considering your options, find that there are many products on the market, all claiming they are the best. I also realized that most of the products now there specifically for men.

However, men and women are completely different physical, a man who may not be the best choice for the treatment of women hair loss. In fact, first, what is causing the problem of adequate information often proved to be the most challenging part of suffering.

On the one hand, the main reason for the bald men have been identified. It is DHT, a metabolite binding to hair follicles, resulting decline until death. DHT formation, when the enzyme 5 alpha-reductase of testosterone into DHT, and then interact with hair follicles and cause hair loss. Almost all the treatment of male targets of DHT.

Indeed, the women's hair thinning can be caused by DHT, there are many, many other possible causes must be examined.

Thyroid problems
One of the reasons for women's hair thinning, but the most common DHT level is too active or underactive thyroid. When your body is given more resources to deal with your thyroid imbalance caused by the hair cells can be turned off, to adjust its energy elsewhere.

To add more complex problems, thyroid drugs may be conditions, or numerous other conditions may also lead to hair loss now. This is due to the complexity of drug interactions in humans delicate balance damage and hair grow.

In addition, many commonly used prescription drugs for the hair loss can actually make you lose more hair, side effects.

Vitamin deficiency
Vitamin deficiencies often lead to hair loss. The good news about these flaws is that once you start your lack of nutrients, hair growth, can be repeated. Female hair loss is mainly proved insufficient caused by biological factors, vitamin D, iron and so on.

Mechanical damage
The pressure in your body hair and hair loss may lead to women, as well. This can be very difficult from drawing too much itching and friction. Regular shampoo is a good way to protect the mechanical damage the hair, scalp and hair follicles.

What are the most important and you do not often hear, is the issue of diet and hair important role. Appropriate growth, women's real needs very specific food, eat, and very specific foods should be avoided. Any effective treatment must address in order to effectively catering to women.

Your shampoo your hair loss can be a part of. Many harmful chemicals, including sulfates and benzoate, are the most common shampoo. Women who suffer from hair loss should immediately switch to the shampoo is sulfate and paraben free, and has aloe vera and coconut oil base, to protect the best mechanical damage to the hair shaft and increase hair nutrient absorption.

Taking into account the loss of women's hair all the potential reasons, you may want to know if there is any hair loss treatment products, and those who developed only for women. The answer is yes. Stimulair that it is only made after careful investigation for women's products in the women's hair all the potential causes of loss. The system consists of three components of the aloe vera and coconut oil-based component of a scientific formula shampoo (), oral supplement to address the many potential drawbacks, and a comprehensive diet plan. Stimulair performance as an unnecessary and potentially dangerous side effects, alternative hair transplant surgery and drugs incredible commitment.

Hair loss is the most difficult problems, a woman's face, but still full of hope. With the right action, this problem can be solved, as yet another all your life to overcome challenges.


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