Monday, May 31, 2010

natural hair loss product

Drug-free hair loss products are amazing source of new hair may be sparse, hair loss, bald men, the answer.

"You do not know how it is said," Joe Rice, 60-year-old Fort Wayne, Indiana professional. "I lost my 20 years old my hair. This is sad. This is a shape your entire life."

Joe on a wig to wear. No one thinks that without him, even his closest friends. He tried "just about everything" to prevent hair loss, including Propecia and Rogaine, but without success. But deep down, he still held hope.

"I know some people on drugs, but they do not work for me," he sighed. "Just give me a new hairstyle, I am a buyer of life."

A serious problem

Joe is not alone. Men and women suffer in silence from the millions of hair loss, hair loss and thinning hair. Although hair loss is not fatal, it is a profound psychological impact, serious disease. For many people, hair loss causes humiliation, frustration and reduced self-esteem.

New Hope from the East

Since 1999, the Japanese scientists, the researchers tons Takahashi, in a safe, effective solutions for hair growth of the plant extracts of search leadership. A review of more than 1000 kinds of extract more, they found a promising natural chemicals 3. One of barley. One from Chardonnay grapes. To leave one by one, from the common apple extract the most powerful.

Move Minoxidil

A year later, scientists announced that the international community even more dramatic findings. They were compared to apple extract, such as procyanidins B - 2, that hair growth in cell culture drug minoxidil is known.

Their results seemed almost impossible: in head-to-head test, apple chemicals proved twice to stimulate new hair growth, such as minoxidil and effective.

Further experiments in mice, apple procyanidins, as well as minoxidil, repeatedly produced "extensive hair growth."

Proven, double-blind clinical trial

In human clinical trials, the results were even more exciting. Consistent growth from apple polyphenols bald man with a new male hair style, the most stubborn form of unwanted, without any side effects hair loss remedy hair loss.

Scientists generally conservative when it comes to conclusions. However, from the Takahashi group made clear. "Proanthocyanidins B - 2 treatment," they wrote, "appears as a promising potential treatment of male baldness."

For Joe, and 60 million other men and women, this research means new hope. "Of course I'll try it," he said. "Just give me a new hair ..."

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